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During the last four months we all had to deal with enormous changes. The first weeks were spent to get educated about the dangers of the new virus. Then how to make our environment safe for us. Businesses have the additional challenge to keep their employees and customers safe.

An important part in this process are signs.

Outside, commercial building signs have not really changed. Channel letter signs, raceway signs, pylon sings and electronic messaging centers are still needed to direct customer and clients to the right location.

Indoor Signage underwent a dramatic change. There is a great need for directional signage, social distancing reminders and clear work barriers.  And of course, announcement banners and yard signs about changes in opening times especially for retailers and restaurants.

Important points to consider when choosing the signs:

  • Can the signs be cleaned repeatedly with disinfectants without fading instantly?
  • What message is most important for your business?
  • How permanent should the signs be?
  • Do you want to have your business colors and logos on the signs?
  • Can they be produced quickly and locally?

First the signs were just for temporary use, but with the new normal most of them will be permanent. Spectrum Signs can work with you to find the best custom solution for your business.