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How can your business increase foot traffic, raise sales revenue and gain more customers?

Install vibrant, professional exterior and interior signage!

Businesses are successful because of their service quality and reputation but also because of their accessibility. Whether a retail establishment (e.g. boutique, convenience, grocery store), restaurant (e.g. fast food or sit down) or a professional office (e.g. doctor, dental, real estate, attorney, hospital), highly visible signage helps clients find a location to purchase services and products. If a business is located on or near a highway, they may prefer a very large sign or, if they are inside an existing building, only a small wall placard may be necessary.

There are many considerations when sourcing signage. The first is permitting. Check with the city code office or building landlord and they will provide the parameters for the signs. The permit will define the shape, position and materials required. Also, the landlord will provide guidance regarding the feasibility of graphics, flags, posters, pop-up displays, banners, totem signs and other branding options on the outside and inside of the location. Understanding the types of signs that are allowed will help avoid picking the incorrect size or material.

The second consideration is weather. Different materials are better suited for tropical climates, cold weather areas or locales with heavy precipitation. For example, during a hurricane, snowstorm or time of extreme weather, authorities will alert businesses to confirm signage is secure. It is the owner’s duty to maintain the safety and integrity of the materials. Working with a production company, with good client reviews, will help simplify the project. They will provide recommendations based on climate and needs.

Another parameter to keep in mind when choosing a sign is budget. While a sign is an investment and not cheap, different options exist to fit the financial needs of both small and large businesses. When determining the types of material for the sign – such as aluminum, Alumalite, dura-wood and vinyl – invest in quality signage that will last. It is important that the sign does not fade or crack.

Also, remember to provide consistent maintenance for the signs. They must be refurbished every five years by a professional contractor or engineer. Proper cleaning, maintaining and inspecting are necessary to identify lose screws, hinges or materials that needs to be patched. The contractor will replace parts that are beginning to wear down, correct fading issues, and insure the overall integrity of the sign.  

Lastly, remember a new sign can take 6-8 weeks to construct and install. Working with a reputable company can help streamline the process, from permitting to design and production. Speaking with other business owners, researching online and reading reviews are the best steps to take when looking for a sign company. Confirm they are fully insured and offer design plus installation. Take a look at their online portfolio and determine if they have worked with similar businesses.

At Spectrum Signs & Graphics, we strive to provide exceptional service and support during the entire development process – from a customer’s first introductory call until final construction. Guiding our clients every step of the way, our enthusiastic online reviews speak for themselves. Full insured, Spectrum Signs & Graphics’ staff make the process easy, affordable and painless.

As a private, locally-owned business, in Jacksonville, FL, we work throughout Duval, Saint Johns, Nassau, Clay, Putnam and Flagler counties. We ship nationally and can produce the sign or graphics best suited for your company needs.

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